Retail24 (Retail Bank Product Management System)

Retail24 is an application developed by INFORMER aiming to cover the needs of financial corporations in respect of Retail Banking and its products.

The basic operational characteristics of Retail24 are as follows:

Applications management for all banking products and their relevant approval procedures.
Possibility to use credit scoring for the evaluation the clients’ creditworthiness and for configuring the products offered to Clients based on the Client’s credit score.
Management of all types of deposit products. These products are divided into accounts such as current accounts, deposit accounts, checking accounts, etc., and term deposits of various kinds.
Coverage of all loan products relating to the Retail Banking market, such as managing personal and consumer loans, mortgages, open consumer policies, etc.
Coverage of loan products for corporate clients, such as debit and credit accounts, short-term and long-term loans, open policies, etc.
Transfer of funds and remittances. They cover all types of fund transfers within and outside the bank both in this country and abroad.

Possibility to make use of all alternative channels for the promotion of sales and services offered to clients. These channels are either service points such as shops, outlets, collaborating traders, etc, or electronic communication and service channels such as ATMs and Kiosks, Internet Banking, telephone services (IVR), mobile telephone services (WAP and SMS), call centers, etc.





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