INFORMER’s staff is comprised of fully trained and specialised executives, who are highly committed and share the common goal of creating complete solutions in information technology and providing effective and efficient support to each customer.

INFORMER’s work policy is based on respecting the individual and encourages creative initiative, which results in a positive work environment on all the levels of corporate operation. The Company stresses the importance of continuous training of personnel, in Greece and abroad, with equal focus in information technology as well as in new sales methods.

INFORMER’s constant objective is the adaptability of all corporate operations in satisfying the needs of customers and it is evident by the staff in each department of the Company. Our customer service department alone is made up of 60% of our permanent personnel (Board / Council Projects, adviser services, technical service, software development, etc), enforcing the importance INFORMER places on client services.

Moreover, INFORMER continuously invests in Research and Development, satisfying the increasing demands of the market for state of the art, high quality and competitive products in software solutions. That is why the Company’s Research and Development Department in using their know-how and experience are active in the planning and creation of new innovative products for the INTERNET and any new technology as well as in methods of optimisation in the manufacturing of software products.





Autokrat. Nikolaou & Suggrou

128 - 17671 Athens


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