A few words about our company

INFORMER SA is one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of “total solutions” in Information Technology (IT Integrators) in Greece.

Throughout all the years of our success, our company has developed intense activity in all the sectors of enterprise in the Greek market, offering completed innovative solutions. Moreover, and at the same time with the local market, INFORMER SA has extended its activity abroad, making our presence noticeable with numerous successful installations in large multinational groups.

INFORMER’s development of completed solutions in Information technology is based on our company’s unswerving commitment to its mission, which from day one was determined as "the transfer of our know-how to our customers, aiming for heightened effectiveness and efficiency of their enterprising activity".

Within this framework, but also in dealing with the constant increase of competition, INFORMER SA has developed an innovative inter-company structure, which determines and supports each stage of the development of its software solutions, in relation to the analysis, designing, development, installation and the maintenance of systems of Information Technology, expanded up to Project Management. The functional structure of INFORMER SA is certified with ISO 9001/EN ISO 9001 from the international house of certification TUV Germany.

Choosing a qualitative approach to the Greek market needs, while at the same time creating innovative and complete solutions for Information Technology, has determined not only the present area of our company’s activity but also its future Trends.

Aiming at the maintenance of know-how in the applications of Information technology, INFORMER SA will continue to extensively increase its presence in the Greek market and abroad, always placing great emphasis on the maximum satisfaction of our customers.





Autokrat. Nikolaou & Suggrou

128 - 17671 Athens


Tel.+30 210 900 9200